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Laughing Seagulls Drinks Collection

Laughing Seagulls Drinks Collection

A selection of Laughing Seagull merchandise associated to drink. 

Laughing Seagulls Kids Collection

Laughing Seagulls Kids Collection

A selection of branded merchanside for kids 

  • We are privileged to have the artist Cosmo Sarson paint this amazing mural for the benefit of all. It was a truly outstanding feat having to work from scaffolding high above the sea: the result is stunning and we hope you will enjoy Cosmo’s work.
    At 25 metres long and 10 metres high, situated next to the iconic Helter Skelter at the far end of the Brighton Palace Pier, the mural is visible from several miles away and is a bold but light hearted addition to the Brighton Palace Pier skyline.

  • The mural pictures two seagulls with human bodies sat in deckchairs, relaxed and laughing, holding hands with not a care in the world.

    A Brighton resident, Cosmo Sarson made headlines around the world for his street art mural of ‘Breakdancing Jesus’ opposite Banksy’s ‘Mild, Mild West’ in Bristol. His painting of Jesus breakdancing in the Vatican became a viral meme and is still bouncing around the internet several years later.

  • More of his artwork can be found in Brighton at Edward Street Quarter, where he has created another colossal artwork, 10 metres high. Constructed from laser cut steel and painted onto porcelain tiles, deplicting a giant semi-naked figure of Neptune, it is hard to miss.

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